Who's Coming To Your House?

Professional Employees and Services

Concerned about the workers we send to your house? At Gills Tree Service, we take pride in ensuring that your experience is professional, enjoyable, and reliable. Our employees work in a drug-free environment and undergo regular drug testing to monitor their health, cleanliness, and commitment to legal and professional standards. We expect our workers to behave appropriately and responsibly both inside and outside the workforce.

Why should you trust Gills Tree Service employees?

  • They are professional
  • Employees undergo background checks
  • Each Service Employee has been with the company for many years

We also require our employees to maintain a pleasing and professional appearance. At Gills Tree Service, we understand that you want to leave your yard work in trustworthy and capable hands. This is why we apply strict codes of professional appearance, behavior, and performance. We don't just want your yard to look good - we want you to be comfortable with their service.

Background Checks

To set your mind at ease, we also conduct brief background checks on all our applicants. Before offering them employment, we ensure that their previous conduct is clean and that their character is trustworthy. Our integrity as a reliable, professional, and honorable business is important to us. In addition, we know that obtaining trustworthy services is important to you. With these priorities in mind, we do everything we can to exceed traditional standards of professionalism.

Your satisfaction and comfort serve as an integral part of our business. At Gills Tree Service, we intend to keep our customers coming back. If you have more questions concerning our staff or employees, or if you have suggestions or comments you'd like to share with us, please don't hesitate to call us at (318) 348-1377.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • In Business for Over 23 Years
  • Clean Cut & Professional Employees
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff
  • Free Estimates